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Posted by Evangelist Lorna on September 21, 2010 at 4:35 AM

I stand upon the threshold of a brand new, spotless, day

And ponder all the choices that surround me as I pray.

Because of my redemption and my gift from God above,

Today I'm free to choose and I've decided I'll choose LOVE.

For no occasion justifies my hate or bitterness,

And love can cure a multitude of ills that cause distress.

Today, I'll choose to dwell in PEACE and quickly will forgive Imagined hurts and wrongful acts, so I might fully live.

I'll choose to act with PATIENCE, as I go about my day,

And, even though the wait be long, I'll use that time to pray.I'll choose to show true KINDNESS to each person that I see And pray that they will see the love of Christ alive in me.

Today, I'm choosing FAITHFULNESS to promises I make

And I will be trustworthy, and the truth I'll not forsake.

My choice is also GOODNESS and I'll strive for honesty,

In every action that I take, with true humility.

Today, my choice is GENTLENESS in every action done,

So I'll have no regrets to feel at setting of the sun.

I'll strive, today, for SELF-CONTROL in thought, and word, and deed ~

And choose the pure and noble things on which my soul can feed. If I have been successful with the choices I have made And sleep tonight with conscience free, secure, and unafraid ...

I'll praise my precious Lord, above, Who gives abundantly His peace (that money cannot buy) and love beyond degree.

But, if I fail to live, today, the way I know I should

And find I've chosen what is wrong, instead of what is good ... In true repentance, I will bow before my Savior's feet And I'll find grace and His forgiveness at the Mercy Seat.

© by Betty Jo Mings

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