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Is there no peace to be found in the world today? I don't think all the fighting is ever going to stop. We are caught up in a whirlwind of time as it is ticking, ticking away. No Peace, not now, not here. Peace will be on the other side. In the meantime, we can do whatever we feel is our part to do. Whatever destiny has been assigned to us. We try and find the measure of happiness that we can and go from there. Friends are important if they are true and have your back. We have the illusion of peace from time to time in our own private world. Is that a good thing? Perhaps if it keeps one the least bit sane and in control. Go ahead and enjoy the illusion. We must do what we can to keep going until we have to leave. We are only on the journey for a time, so we keep our steps in order and try to help others along the way. We sing our songs, carry our signs if need be, and do what we must. The illusion is not so bad is it? Lets take care of our business and be available to others if they should need us. I am an open catalyst to listen, to advise if I am asked, to be heard by those who seek me. Is this the best? I do not think so. Not at all. The best will come later as we end our journey. In the meantime, we press on in the midst of the chaos, knowing that it will not last but for a time, and then, and then, ONLY then, PEACE.

"O that I had wings like a dove, I would fly away and be at rest."




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