Ministry of Prayer

The power of prayer, intercession and encouragement

tTeleconference Etiquette


1. When participating in the teleconference it is a good rule, to arrive before the actual schedule call; five minutes prior would allow you time to introduce yourself, meet and greet the other attendees.

2. Be on time to receive the prayer focus, and offer prayer request.

3. If you are to enter the conference after it has begun, I would suggest that anytime of 15 minutes or more after the start time; do not announce your name until the end of the call.

4. If at all possible, please remain on the line for the entire call.

5. When entering an atmosphere reserved for prayer, please be prepared; allow God this solemn time of praise, prayer and agreement. Set an atmosphere that the LORD will feel welcomed to enter in.

6. Upon instruction from coordinator, please mute your lines by pressing *6 to prevent any background distractions that will hinder the Spirit of God and cause a distraction for the other attendees.

7. If you have some thing to say or release to the people of God please wait until the line is released for praise reports, encouragements etc. Remember God is a God of order.

8. Finally if you or anyone that you know have a prayer request please submit them before prayer time unless it is an emergency